Empathy (ěm’pə-thē) noun:

Identification with and a deep emotional understanding and compassion of another’s situation, feelings, problems and motives.

At Sharp Law Firm, most of our clients have never hired an attorney before they contact us. When you are facing a problem in the workplace, you need someone who will listen closely to your concerns, explain your rights and options, help you choose the right course and then give your case the personal attention it requires to achieve a successful outcome. An effective attorney must be thoroughly well-versed in the law and have significant real-life experience in bringing people together to resolve workplace disputes, as well as in litigating and trying cases where a settlement cannot be reached. He or she should have a deep understanding of the law, the importance of analysis, research, and the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively, both verbally and in writing. The success of your case may depend heavily on these factors. Your attorney should also be able to empathize with your personally, know something about your job and your employer’s business, identify the subtle nuances that make each case unique and understand how to use that information to devise a legal strategy that will help achieve your goals.

Attorney Christopher Charles Sharp has represented Florida employees (and some employers) in workplace disputes for over 25 years since obtaining his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Delaware and his law degree from Temple Law School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1993. In 2001 he was among the first group of attorneys to achieve Board Certification in Labor and Employment Law and for the past ten years he has lectured on employee drug testing issues and medical marijuana in the workplace for the Florida Bar at the annual certification review course. Over the course of his legal career, Mr. Sharp has completed several dozen jury trials on behalf of employees and employers, and has developed expertise in the areas of federal employee rights, disability law, whistleblower retaliation and employee drug testing issues.

There are hundreds of attorneys in South Florida who represent employees in workplace disputes. Many of these firms take an arm’s length approach to the business of practicing law but at Sharp Law Firm, we believe in a more holistic, empathetic and personal approach to client relationships. We are not a high-volume “numbers” practice and we strive to maintain a manageable caseload so that we can give each client’s matter the time and attention required to maintain momentum going forward. If you are facing any type of workplace issue which you believe is discrimination, a violation of law or where your job is threatened, contact Sharp Law Firm to speak with someone who will fight hard to ensure your rights are protected.

At Sharp Law Firm our goal is always the same: to empower employees and enlighten employers about their workplace rights; to bring empathy to the attorney-client relationship and ensure our clients are treated fairly by their employer; and to ultimately reach the best possible solution for you based on the unique facts of your individual case.  We believe each case is unique and we treat every client accordingly.  Some attorneys try to settle cases as soon as possible, especially since quick settlements can mean a quick payout for them, not to mention a lot less work. While fast settlements can be good for the lawyer, are they necessarily best for the client? Unlike many firms, we do not automatically assume that settling your case is always the best option, and we will never let our fees stand in the way of a good settlement for a client. And if your case cannot be settled, we are ready, willing and able to take it to trial and let a judge or jury be the final arbiter. We never sacrifice a client’s interests because we don’t want to do the hard work of trying the case.

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