American stockbroker sets record for cannabis consumption with 115,000th joint (and it’s all legal)

An American stockbroker has one of the world’s most prolific cannabis smokers – thanks to a constant supply of the drug to treat a rare bone disease.

Fort Lauderdale stockbroker Irvin Rosenfeld will tomorrow smoke his 115,000th joint  – and it’s all legal.

The 56-year-old has been provided with cannabis by the government since 1982, when he became a patient in the Federal Drug Administration’s Investigational New Drug Programme.

Rosenfeld suffers from multiple congenital cartilaginous exostoses, which causes severe pain which can be alleviated by the drug.

He has been receiving 300 joints of the drug every 25 days for the past 27 years, NBC Miami reported.

‘I would be bedridden without it, if I would even be alive,’ he insisted.

‘I shouldn’t have been alive and I’m still alive, I take no other medicines, I’m in great shape because of the cannabis. It’s just sad because the medicine’s there.’

Rosenfeld says he does not get ‘high’ on the drug, nor does it make him hungry.

He said: ‘No munchies, no munchies, nothing other people get. A lot of patients don’t get high.’

He added: ‘There are people who have been raised to think it’s the devil’s work, they’ll always be against it.

‘If you truly think marijuana’s as bad as you think it is, explain me.’

The first marijuana coffee shop in the US has opened in Portland, Oregon.

The premises allows people prescribed marijuana by a doctor a place to buy and smoke the drug, although they have to remain out of public view.

It is technically a private club, but is open to any Oregon residents who hold official medical marijuana cards. There are 21,000 patients registered to use marijuana in the state.

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